Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Phallacy of Penile Thinking
 Did the Cabinet and PM have the humility and respect to ask adults who have been sexually abused as children whether they would like their abusers/s put to death?What was the reason in the first place they did not disclose let alone report the abuse?
Seems the Cabinet in its joint and collective myopic wisdom believes that the stringency of the punishment will be a deterrent to committing a rape on a girl child below 12 years. If only the expediency and certainty of justice can be ensured, will anyone be deterred.
Ask anyone who has tangled with the labyrinth of the criminal justice system! And even if they endure for the years it takes for a trial to come to conclusion..." It is not clear how a harsher punishment would be deterrent when only 3 out of 10 men charged with raping minors are convicted. The remaining 70 per cent people walk free. This meant that 5,700 people accused of raping minors were acquitted while only 2,241 were convicted in 2015". NDTV. Are we going to see more children murdered now so they can't be witnesses? Are we going to see a drop in reporting as children and their families would not want their near and dear( who are usually the perpetrators) to be put to death. To be held accountable, certainly but to live with complex and conflicting emotional stress of being responsible for another person - usually related or known's - death. And we the masses grab this opioid which is dished out to us and in our immediate headiness forget the realities between ordinance and its implementation. Pls read the reports from the Centre on the Death Penalty,National Law University, Delhi to understand the uncomfortable truth instead of being assuaged and lulled into a false sense of righteous justice and security

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