Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Screening of The Invisbles - Mumbai

 Most of us think back of our early years and smile. We remember paper boats, birthday gifts, and return gifts. Sharing lunch boxes in school, grazing our knees while playing a sport.
We remember fond memories.
But for some others, the mere mention of childhood is a wound. The scabs of a wound that never healed. An injury that was as emotional as physical. A pain they still fear to speak openly about.
People who become invisible.
The Invisibles is a film about these men and women. It is also a film for those who believe
grown-ups simply move on, no matter how grave the injury, how deep the wound.
The Invisibles aims to talk to adult survivors of child sexual abuse themselves. To bring forth their perspective, which has for too long been invisible, inaudible. And with translations in multiple languages, the film hopes to take this perspective to as many people as possible. To shed light on an exceedingly sensitive subject, that has, unfortunately, come to be only a taboo today.

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