Sunday, November 04, 2012

You know them, but does your child know them better than you

We will not be able to prevent offenders from abusing our kids unless we know what to look for. We have tobe vigilant about their patterns - breaking the rulesof usual adult child interactions and overstepping boundaries. Understanding how offenders groom the community to gain access to our children is just as important as it is for us to educate our children.

Eliminating or reducing one on one
situations will significantly lower the risk of the risk of children being abused. Even with education, parents can not expect kids alone to be able to protect themselves from the grooming of an offender.

Parents need to get comfortable talking about child sexual abuse and engage other adults in their community!

"The frequency and circumstances surrounding child sexual abuse is only recently being understood. Parents and organizations must be united, creative, and caring to prevent it. It means being determined to ask questions and require protection even when it feels uncomfortable. It means being a voice for children’s safety because it matters for a lifetime." Darkness to Light Stewards of Children

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