Monday, April 16, 2012

Tulir workshop - Evolving a Child Protection Policy

A child protection policy (CPP) articulates an organization’s  zero tolerance approach to child abuse.
An important step towards achieving this objective  would be for every institution which works with children to develop and adhere to a child protection policy which would have clear cut guidelines and protocols  to  provide for a safe and conducive environment for both children and the adults  with whom they interact. On  the one hand   it helps protect the staff of an organization from allegations of abuse, giving them the confidence to know there is a clear cut system of redress in case an allegation is leveled; On the other, a  CPP will  also help organizations be proactive in safeguarding children.  This is especially significant as  there is enough evidence, both anecdotally and research based, to indicate    offenders often intentionally target child-serving organizations due to the proximity and accessibility the work offers to children -  a corollary to the well established fact that  children are usually  abused by people who are responsible for their well being and welfare and whom they trust. Abusers particularly take advantage of those organizations  they perceive as  unsafe -  lack of  protocols and supervision, careless in managing risks etc.. 
It is  imperative therefore  to acquaint NGO’s  with the concept of the need to  have a policy. Since each organization has its own  specificities with regard to its  structures and systems, they need to be assisted with  an understanding of evolving  a policy suited to their uniqueness  but  within a framework of non negotiables,  for reducing  and managing  risks of child abuse by persons engaged in delivering the organization’s program activities.
To this end,  Tulir – Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse is  organizing a one day seminar  “It Starts With Us” on April  28, 2012 in Chennai   and look forward to your organization’s participation. Further details - venue, timing etc., -  will be intimidated  after  pre registration ( Pls email us for a a form) ,  on a  first come first serve basis with participation being  limited to 50 persons..

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