Saturday, January 14, 2012

Forensic interviewing workshops - child abuse investigations.

To improve the response of dutybearers to allegations of child abuse, we are organizing two workshops in Chennai and in English - Basic training is for 3 days 23 - 25th Jan followed by a gap of a day and then there is the Advanced training for 3 days 27- 29th Jan. Anyone in sectors which overlap or work with child protection will find them useful. The charges are Rs 600/- a day and includes lunch, teas and training material.
About the facilitator
Jennifer Anderson, Associate Director of Corner House,( ) is an expert in forensic interviewing of child witnesses. She has conducted interviews, trained others in interviewing and published articles in this field for the last nearly ten years. Her extensive experiences training professionals including cross cultural training both inside and outside the US; Of particular note is her experience training the investigators of the International Criminal Court.

CornerHouse, a public-private partnership organized as a non-profit agency , is an Interagency Child Abuse Evaluation and Training Center located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, opened in 1989.

It specializes in providing forensic interviews for children and vulnerable adults who have reported or suspected of being physically or sexually abused sexual abuse, witnessed violent crime or who may have been otherwise victimized. In 1990, CornerHouse established the first intensive five-day forensic interview training program and has since then has trained over 23,000 professionals from every Minnesota county, 49 states, and ten foreign countries including the investigators of the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

CornerHouse works with police, child protection and prosecutors to provide the highest quality and most reliable information and evidence regarding allegations of abuse.

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