Sunday, August 21, 2011

Of Evil Benovelence

Being a  volunteer  with an  NGO is the most preffered route for TSO's in India.A recent example is pasted below.  One possible check and balance would be to ask visa applicants to India about any previous criminal charges they have, like many countries do but india currently does not.

Case against British child abuser; cops rescue teen

August 21, 2011 1:10:47 AM


Yet again, Tamil Nadu is troubled by foreign paedophiles, this time a British national in the Tirunelveli district, close to Kanyakumari.

The police slapped a case against 65-year-old Jonathan Robinson after rescuing a 15-year-old from a childcare home in Chinnammalpuram village in Valliyoor. A case was registered against Robinson under Section 377 (unnatural sex) of IPC, following a complaint by Bangalore-based social worker Singaram, added police sources.

However, Robinson has been absconding and the police has already alerted the UK police and sought its help.

Robinson was funding the home, with 33 inmates (aged between 2 years and teenagers) run by the Grail Trust. Police said the Trust was also being investigated and if necessary, a case would be registered against it too.

The boy told the police that Robinson had tried to take him abroad, but was denied a visa. He was recently taken to Shimla for a few days. He added that Robinson had fled to Germany.

After contacting the UK police, Robinson’s whereabouts was traced to the US. Police are confident of nabbing him as the UK police have strict laws against paedophiles. Interpol could also be alerted to track him if necessary.

The rescued boy has been entrusted to the district Child Welfare Committee’s reception unit Saranalayam. In the last seven to eight months, the boy was abused several times and this has been going on for a few years.

The police are trying to ascertain if other children have faced abuse, though there has been no other complaint.

This not the first case of child sex abuse to rock Tamil Nadu. The famous case has been that of the Dutch national William Heum (56) who was in May sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment for child molestation.

Heum was a habitual offender who was first booked in 2002 and has been in and out on bail. He was also booked for sodomy after his orphanage ‘Little Home’ in Mamallapuram was busted. He had molested 40 inmates of his orphanage.

He somehow managed to stay out of prison and delayed trial. But in 2009 the Interpol identified him for uploading child pornography from Chennai.

Another paedophile, Eric Martin, a French national, was also arrested last November.

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