Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Orange Book - A Teachers’ Workbook on Sexuality

The Orange Book
A Teachers’ Workbook on Sexuality

Teachers have revealed their doubts and anxieties about teaching sexuality education in school. They say, ‘These are such taboo topics, such sensitive issues – when we have hardly spoken about these issues ourselves, how can anyone expect us to talk about these with our students?’ This is a legitimate and fair question. With the Adolescence Education Programme being implemented in certain institutions, most schools and teachers will not be able to ignore these issues. Expecting teachers to take on the mantle of becoming Sexuality Educators with little preparation or scope to explore their own doubts and feelings about these issues may be too tall an order.

The Orange Book : A Teachers’ Workbook on Sexuality Education is a workbook with 28 exercises on imparting sexuality education with confidence, ease and élan.

Contact Tarshi to request for copies of the book. Schools and teachers are encouraged to request for multiple copies at discounted rates.

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Askios said...

Some of my teachers only know now, 30-odd years later, that I was a victim of CSA. I have seen grief and regret in their eyes because they feel that they did not know and they wonder if they could have done something to take away some of the pain of my childhood. So to any teacher reading this now - please take a step towards increasing your awareness of this issue. We now have a world with much more information and help. You have no idea just how much of a difference you could make to a child's life. It's not just the subjects that you teach or the rules you lay down. We forget the theorems and the dates and the scientific terms. But we never forget the teachers who cared.