Thursday, November 11, 2010

Volunteers needed - Do you dare to care enough??

A society that turns a blind eye or is passive and a silent bystander to any form of violation of child rights only promotes abuse. Moreover ignorance, discomfort and denial facilitate abuse. In this scenario it is imperative for proactive measures to be taken in orde...r to spread awareness and debunk myths that surround these crimes against children. So do you dare to care enough to be a part of the campaign – “Chennai in one state of mind – To prevent sexual violence against children”Well, then help us set up for a few hours on any day between Nov 15 – Dec. 15, 2010 our collapsible theme designed kiosk to(4ftx4ft) at a strategic locale decided/identified by you to distribute the posters, stickers, flyers and other awareness material that will inform public perception and understanding on child abuse. Volunteers at the kiosk will also be available to interact with interested citizens to help them with a better understanding to address the situation of children facing violence. Sustained advocacy and activity is required in order to equip folks with information and awareness to contribute towards ensuring children’s right to protection. After all it takes a community to protect a child. Pls call 26192026 if you dare to care

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