Friday, November 19, 2010

Safe Schools- Secrets about touching need to be told

As part of a collobarative, proactive and continuing effort and concern( since the last 4 years) to ensure the well being and safety of children studying in all the 281 schools managed by the Corporation of Chennai,ulir designed, fabricated and installed boards in each of the schools with non threatening age appropriate easy to remember simple personal safety rules. This information/messages will work towards equipping and empowering children to build self protective behavior.
It is based on the concepts of Personal Safety Education a program, which is an extension of the safety, rules we teach our children, i.e. don’t play with fire, look both sides before and while crossing a road, etc.
An initiative all private schools should emulate!

With a large part of the truly "awake" time of a child's waking hours being spent at school, schools are at the frontline of child protection. They have the potential to both teach protective behaviors effectively and to a greater number of children than any other system, including parental instructions. And needless to state the school and the community of educators and caretakers are one of the most significant aspects in a child's world.
When children do not feel safe most of their other rights including education, play and their overall well being are minimized. Besides sabotaging a child's right to a childhood, there may also be an associated range of problems both in the short term and across a life span affecting not just the individual but also more often than not the larger community.

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