Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dignity on Trial

Human Rights Watch

India’s Need for Sound Standards for Conducting and Interpreting Forensic Examinations of Rape SurvivorsSeptember 6, 2010

This 54-page report documents the continued use of the archaic practice and the continued reliance on the "results" by many defense counsel and courts. The practice, described in outdated medical jurisprudence textbooks used by many doctors, lawyers, and judges, involves a doctor inserting fingers in a rape victim's vagina to determine the presence or absence of the hymen and the so-called "laxity" of the vagina. These findings perpetuate false and damaging stereotypes of rape survivors as "loose" women. Defense attorneys use the findings to challenge the credibility, character, and the lack of consent of the survivors.

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Vijay said...

We all know how harmful such things can be to a persons mind. This is something that an innumerable amount of people deserve. Lunatics who simply can not control their sexual urges
should NOT be allowed to roam our society freely. They should be locked away, far from our children and families.

What this country does is not enough, it needs stricter punishment for it's criminals.