Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Press Information Bureau of India- UNICEF - Tulir Invitation

A Shrinking World: Changing Realities - Technology and Travel facilitated Sexual Violence against Children

While rapid innovative advances in information and communications have created an exciting, new world for anyone with access to the related services, it has also had an immeasurable impact on the sexual exploitation of children. When the borderless worlds created by communications and technology intersect with crime, the associated offenses cannot be but transnational in nature .A spate of recent incidents related to sexual crimes against children occurring in an international arena but with an Indian dimension, is ample testimony that this fundamental violation of childhood is not being ignored by global trends .
This also operates within the context of the “Push down Pop up” effect- A term coined to describe an increasing trend of travel to India among registered child sex abusers by alarmed law enforcement from source countries, largely because of the strengthened response of Sri Lanka, Thailand and Philippines to halting TSO’s in their sexually abusive journeying. This development is perhaps with the realization among the well informed constantly updated offender networks that sexual crimes against children is not considered a significant issue at the moment in India in terms of the understanding the processes of such crime, the lack of appropriate laws and investigating protocols which are not specialized. Needless to state there is no dearth of vulnerable children, in India to groom and exploit which TSO's seem to be aware of, considering the NGO facilitated route many of those recently arrested have taken.
To highlight the issue and in an effort to sensitise the media on the issue, Press Information Bureau, in association with Tulir - Centre for the Prevention & Healing of Child Sexual Abuse - and UNICEF, organized a Media Interaction Session on Thursday the 10th December 2009.


Amrita Purkayastha said...

Wish I could be there. A Media Interaction is a great move. Waiting eagerly to see how it turns out.

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