Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Of semantics and substance

Why does an allegation have to be proved through a departmental enquiry before u report to police?
Isn't it their job to substantiate or disprove? Multiple enquiries only ensure the child victim is so many times more revictimied.
Why do we always go to inordinate lenghts to, at the expenseof the victim, establish beyond everybody's doubt concrete proof that there was molestation - AKA every other form of sexual violence which does not fall under the definition of rapeor sodomy??Why is that everyone is harping on little girls Are little boys also not molested?
Do abusers and molesters start and stop with one child?
Also the reasoning for the light senetence by the Judge is hilariosly ludicrous - especially when viewed aginst the alleged raunchy romps by octogenerain Governors. Forget an undesrtanding of senior citizen sexuality, how many of our ersthwhile judiciary are even aware of the complexities of sexual violence - rape trauma syndrome, post traumatic stress, grooming, why the majority of victims never disclose abuse,accomodation syndrome( the sole sole reason why a victim of child sexual absue can usually never present as the robust witness which the prosecution demands).
At the very least the Govt ha sto evolve child friendly proceedures which will enable the child and family to have the confidence to report.

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