Saturday, November 07, 2009

Walk Your Voice

Join us at a Rally against Child Sexual Abuse
Nov 15, 2009
Gandhi statue to Labour staue, Marina Beach, Chennai 4.oo pm.

Sexual abuse of children is frightening, often unimaginable & an abhorrent crime. Deafening silence is the hallmark. While it's the moral obligation for adults to ensure children are protected, we remain silent. More often than not for plain selfish reasons. The discomfort caused if acknowledged, the denial that our children can be sexually abused, family reputation at stake, sheer naiveté. Then there’s the quietness of the children. Because of the manipulation, ignorance, fear.
A silenced vulnerable child & a silent non-protective environment-working to an abuser’s advantage. Since usually victims are their relatives, neighbors, students, friends etc.
While in India we are just beginning to acknowledge the existence of abuse, Tulir has the belief & audacity of hope that it won't be long that the larger community realizes the prevalence, dynamics & subsequent impact. The sabotage of a child’s right to a childhood. The often less than optimally led lives as adults.
A a society’s integrity & worth is not based on whether cases of sexual abuse exist. Instead it's based on the acceptance of the possibilities & proactive steps taken to respond in a timely & appropriate way to ensure that its children may benefit from its caring & foresight to truly have the right to be safe all the time, everywhere. After all, there is no excuse for child sexual abuse!


Sigenert said...
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Sigenert said...

Let our gathering do the talking................time we Chennai citizens woke up to the reality of children being persecuted by so called guardians and let everyone know that we will not stand this evil anymore..........I will be there and would like to see all of your there.................i am scraping my slogan for this rally and i want you all to pen down your slogans tooo...................

1. Children play, laugh and enjoy they do not suffer.

2. Children are God's gift, treat them with care.

venkat said...

I do agree the dark part of the victim is the one which makes evil . we need to break the dark side which cant be identifed by good sight .. behind the face law.

sharkymo said...
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sharkymo said...

those people who are heartless in abusing childreen for their sexual desires,shouls be wound with a barbwire and rolled all over chennai.nude.
fuck them.with a angry them apart.
fucker going to hell,suffer for eternity,god knows.

"children are innocent hearts,do they need to suffer ? "

Nithi... said...

Great Event