Thursday, September 03, 2009

Survivor, Perpetrator, Mother - First person accounts

Alankaar, one of Tulir's co-founders and currently a doctoral student is a co-author.
Child Sexual Abuse: Child Survivors, Mothers, and Perpetrators Tell Their Stories
Based upon interviews with survivors, perpetrators, and mothers, this book answers questions that many people have. The book is still in progress and so you can read it for free.


Vasuda said...

Thanks for sharing this information...its heartening to find people who are ready to share the book even before its published. Congratulations and best wishes for the endeavor.The coverpage is very emphatic and telling of the power abuse involved in sexual abuse...

merina.m said...

We are indeed very lucky to have writers who come up with such issues. Yes this things happens daily in our localities, but no one of us bother to think what these souls feel about it. I do thank the team to come up more with such issues, which will help us to voice up for ourselves and for those unheard voices by being their voice..