Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Training on the Rehabilitation of Young Sex Offenders

Some 58.5 per cent of the study group said they were aware of their sexual arousal to younger children by the age of 16, and 92.5 per cent said they were aware by 21. This is not unusual for child sex offenders. The vast majority will indicate, post-treatment, that they were aware of their sexual interest in children before they reached 18. One teacher convicted of downloading child pornography said: "I'd already thought of myself as a paedophile when I was 13. I'd seen that word used or heard the word used on news items and looked it up and thought, 'Oh that's me'. So the decision to coach younger boys was taken when I was 16. Moving towards [ 18 years old] I was thinking, 'Well what am I going to do work-wise, and I thought well, teaching is the best opportunity to be around young boys'." In addition, 51.2 per cent said they had already committed a contact sexual offence against a child by age 21.

[ Source : A comparative study of demographic data relating to intra- and extra-familial child sexual abusers and professional perpetrators Joe Sullivan1,2,* & Anthony Beech21The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, UK, and 2Department of Psychology, The University of Birmingham, UK Journal of Sexual Aggression (March 2004), Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 39/50) ]

Alankaar, Program Facilitator, Tulir attended a workshop in Philippines with support from Save the Children Sweden .

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