Thursday, March 03, 2005

Blogging to Prevent and Heal Child Sexual Abuse

As always in keeping with Tulir CPHCSA's belief, we seek and utilize any platform to keep up the drumbeat against child sexual abuse. Welcome to yet another we hope will make a difference to breaking the silence and evolving suitable responses to ensure children, anywhere, have the right to feel safe all the time from sexual abuse


m. said...

hey! im SO glad you guys have started this... im linking you folks from my blog :)
if youve HTML buttons/banners, please do lemme know and ill put those up too

Amie said...

ola... just thought I'd google "tulir" and find out what comes up.... anyways... the seminar over at our school made a big impact... so at the moment I'm spreading the message as much as possible... if there is any other way for me to pitch in let me know.. :)

hemanth said...

hello tulir
i know a friend of mine aged 23 years had been raped many times at the age of 12. now she is reluctant towards marrage. how we can solve this problem. the reason for her reluctance was whenever she feels of marraige she reminds her child hood incidents