Monday, June 06, 2016

Tulir Workshop Series 2 of 2

June 22&23, 2016 Chennai

A sizable number of children  spend  a significant time in institutional settings -  schools, hostels,   children’s homes -  both Govt and privately managed , and other similar facilities which cater exclusively to children. It is unfortunate however,  that  often the very people  and structures entrusted with the care and well being of  children – wardens, administrators,   teachers, are the violators of this trust reposed in them. The  sadder reality is that more often than not  cases of  sexual violence against children,  in institutional settings are hidden and concealed, with traumatized child victims  revictimized through threats and blame  and  the  adults  responsible for the violence shielded,  pardoned,  and  emboldened to continue.
As  the reporting of institutional  based  allegations swell, it is increasingly becoming clear that  a wider and better  understanding of the  protocols to be followed while  sifting through information to substantiate or refute,  taking into account practical aspects of investigation and the theoretical  and ethical underpinnings of enquiring  with vulnerable  children in extremely complex environments, is necessitated .

In this workshop, we will be looking at the unique nature of sexual abuse that occurs within an institutional environment. While there are many similarities to familial sexual abuse, institutions have a different set of dynamics around which sexual abuse may occur. The workshop will explore those dynamics and the typical responses that happen after initial disclosures. The workshop will also look at the ways in which disclosures occur and how to support a child doing so. 

This is not a forensic workshop and thus, how the criminal justice system  may handle such cases is not included. This workshop is intended for those who may work with children and families who have been victims of sexual abuse within an institutional context.